VW Transporter

London Chauffeur Driven VW Transporter

Chauffeur Driven VW Transporter for executive chauffeur hire of 7-8 passengers and require additional space for luggage and comfort we can provide you with a top Chauffeur Driven VW Transporter.

For chauffeured executive meetings on the move, nothing compares to the Transporter mobile office. A chauffeur drove SUV with a difference it has Individual seating, multiple powerpoint connections and meeting table allow for full office functionality while being chauffeur transported to your destination.

All our fleet has tinted windows for added privacy. The chauffeur driven Transporter is a spacious chauffeur vehicle with luxurious comforts. It can accommodate up to 7 passengers. The VW Transporter can seat 6 face to face for a meeting or the seats can be adjusted to all face in the same direction.

VW Transporter Featured highlights:

  • Up to 7 passengers
  • Privacy glass
  • Air conditioning
  • CD/DVD entertainment system

Experienced Driver

My London chauffeurs, we have fifteen years of experience in our industry of London chauffeur services.


Child Seats Available

we can provide you with a top Chauffeur Driven Cars with child seats for your children.


Always On Time

We are very punctual at time providing highly professional and quality service to our customers.